Brahms Schumann Piano QuintetsDon Clark’s Pictures on Silence blog has a wonderful new review for our Brahms & Schumann: The Piano Quintets recording with pianist Joyce Yang:

“In a nutshell, these are gutsy, lively, exciting and maybe even a bit edgy performances. … The Alexander Quartet and Yang simply allow the composers’ youthful energy to shine through. … The [Brahms] C minor scherzo is a revelatory study in musical drama. Moving forward like an elemental force of nature, Yang and the Alexanders pounce into this darkly brooding movement. The devilish syncopated march is muscular and tight, emerging from the murky, funereal opening. The lyrical trio is but a quick respite from the drama before all plunges back into the fray. Totally mesmerizing playing. … The energetic and virtuosic [Schumann] ‘Allegro brillante’ opening movement is certainly ‘brillante’ in the hands of Yang and the Alexanders; intelligently paced, sparkling and technically perfect. The deftly contrasted second theme is dolce but never cloying. … If one can not imagine a missile streaking towards the heavens while listening to the opening moments of the scherzo, then there is something wrong with you. The ensemble launches the ascending theme with power, grace and firecracker intensity, yet brings welcome contrast to the lyrical trios. Just simply some of the most exciting chamber playing on record.” —Don Clark, Pictures on Silence

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