In FriendshipSpanish publication El Pais reviewed our last Joan Enric Lluna collaboration, In Friendship featuring the music of César Cano and Brahms. The following is a translation of the original Spanish review:

Cano and Brahms: From enigma to placidity
A few months ago in Castelló and Valencia (Spain) a new piece by Cesar Cano was released called Concerto for orchestra in which the mastery of the surrealist treatment of the Valencian musician with an ensemble of more than 100 musicians was manifested. In this CD we’re commenting, the posibilities change radically whereas the musical criterion doesn’t. It consists of a quintet for clarinet and strings, in which the composer explores a series of polyrhythms and cells which make the listener be attentive of all the becomings of the music. They translate a score as complicated as it is interesting, the Valencian clarinetist, soloist in the orchestra of the Valencian Community, Joan Enric Lluna, and the Alexander Quartet, create atmospheres and unheard sounds. It is precisely in them and in their diversity of rhythms where we have to find the percepitibility of this piece, a tour de forcé for the clarinet who extracts impossible sounds, from the deepest to the highest notes, with many effects that prove the exceptional control and creativity of the Valencian musician.

The CD comes together with an excellent translation of Brahms’ quintet, in which the wind instrument achieves such an integration with the strings that it truly resembles a symphony. The members of the Alexander offer that atmosphere, and a truly delightful sound. — El Pais

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