Beethoven: The Complete String QuartetsThanks to Stephen Smoliar of for this kind review of our San Francisco Performances Salon Series concert:

“From that point of view, I would say that the Alexander String Quartet provides us with a healthy standard for approaching Beethoven in the 21st century. They understand their history, they appreciate the value of working with well-edited editions, but, most of all, they bring a fresh immediacy to their performances. This delivers, loud and clear, the message that the very act of making music must always rise above even the most intense acts of studying it. In that context the Salon Room of the Hotel Rex was an ideal setting for those acts of making music, providing just the right level of intimacy through which the nuances of an in-the-moment experience could best be appreciated. This kind of recital does more to honor Beethoven than any oversized monument ever will.” —Stephen Smoliar, SF Classical Music Examiner,

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