Huntley Dent is the second Fanfare critic to add our new Dvořák : Locale recording in the “Not To Be Missed”!

“ the Alexander String Quartet delivers profoundly beautiful readings of two Dvořák masterpieces with a remarkable feeling of freshness. No passage is played by rote, and you never feel the fatigue of years. For an ensemble founded in 1981, this is a gratifying achievement and a boon to the listener.… The “American” Quartet wins over any listener, which tempts ensembles to coast. In this case, however, the Alexanders pay close attention to phrasing, modulations, and rhythm, with the result that the Scherzo, for example, feels bright and new… If the quartet performance is an unqualified success—including excellent, lifelike recorded sound—the Piano Quintet goes a step farther.…Yang is at once a soloist and an ensemble player here… It’s hard to persuade collectors that a new arrival surpasses old favorites, but this Dvořák pairing rivals any past recording I’ve ever heard… If you value youthful verve, turn here. The fatigue factor has been banished entirely.”

—Huntley Dent, Fanfare Magazine

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