Alexander String Gershwin & Kern Cover ArtThe blog Film Music: The Neglected Art has a new review for our latest release Gershwin & Kern:

“The first part of the CD includes the four major songs from “Porgy and Bess” featuring the clarinet of Joan Enric Lluna. It is written as a showcase for the talents of the virtuoso and he doesn’t disappoint. The quartet doesn’t take a back seat but nicely melds itself as an integral part of the suite.

“The second section is six Jerome Kern songs performed by the string quartet in a traditional classical style…The arrangements offer an extended prelude before the melody is performed. Each member of the quartet takes a turn at offering the melody with unique harmony then coming from the other three members.

“The third and final selection is the seldom performed “Lullaby for String Quartet” by Gershwin…….While not the typical lullaby one might expect it is well worth having in your collection.

“I for one am glad that the quartet decided to explore this material and it will be a CD that I’ll return to on a regular basis. I highly recommend you purchase this CD.” — Thomas Kiefner, Film Music: The Neglected Art

Track 6: “The Way You Look Tonight” by Jerome Kern

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