Fred LifsitzIt seems like there’s hardly any time on the ground in SF between ASQ trips this month. Spending this week intensely with family and students.

I always have pre trip preparation concerns when we are leaving the country. This week is no different I that respect, but given our past experience with amazing music lovers in Poland I am truly excited about this trip. I’m also happy that we will visit many young people in a few cities for the master classes and open rehearsals planned. The opportunity to see many key historical and living Jewish communities thrills me— and sobers me at the same time.

Musically I’m overjoyed to play Brahms with our dear friend Joan-Enric. From the first notes we ever played all together in our luxurious Canary Island hotel some 28 years ago we have cherished every moment with Joan, and his family.

And years after first hearing the brilliant pianist Boris Berman we now will play Brahms Op 34 with him. A double treat for our two weekend concerts in Warsaw before flying home to San Francisco at the very end of our two week jaunt.

Thanks to WIFI our adventures will be quickly posted and also sent to our loved ones at home. Sharing our experiences makes it even more worthwhile. Maintaining such a prestigious concert schedule also makes us better teachers. These experiences are exactly what we are preparing our students for in the future.


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