Grego Applegate Edwards has a new review for the latest ASQ release, Bartók & Kodály, on his Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review blog:
The Arts Desk reviews Bartók and Kodály

“ There is no doubt in my mind; the Alexander String Quartet is a crack outfit. Their Bartok & Kodaly, The Complete String Quartets, a 3-CD set (Foghorn Classics 2009), makes that clear…

“The Alexander Quartet sustains a fine balance between brio and intelligibility, and perhaps also in part because I listened intently again after a few years in between, but after hearing the Alexander versions a number of times I feel that the prosaic-poetic fluidity that may have evaded my musical ear has come together at last… I think it’s clear that the Alexander Quartet really understand the works and phrase them all in terms of the inner musical logic…

“The Alexander Quartet make the Bartok cycle seem inevitable, natural. That is saying something. They have great spirit in the performance of all these works. But the Bartok especially is as good as it gets. I don’t imagine I need say any more. These are outstanding versions, centerpieces of any modern quartet collection.” — Grego Applegate Edwards

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