Mozart: The Final Quartets - Aptheosis, Vol. 1

The Alexander String Quartet turns its attention to Mozart’s last years with this recording of the final four quartets (part of their three-volume set which includes all of his great chamber works from that period). Eric Bromberger’s liner notes are prefaced by comments from ASQ violist Paul Yarbrough, excerpted here:

“Taken as a whole, Mozart’s works for string quartet, piano quar­tet, viola quintet, and clarinet quintet are a monumental accom­plishment, as they codified the evolution of classical chamber music. He had taken Haydn’s brilliant efforts with the string quar­tet and elevated and broadened the genre, while adhering to Haydn’s formal and conversational precedent. But however much Mozart’s late chamber works conform, they are never ‘conform­ist.’ They still have the capacity to be stunningly original, and even, especially for the listeners of the time, shocking.”

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