Sometimes being quiet in a hotel room without the accumulation of chores
that sit on the home/office desk can be liberating. It’s a welcome chance to
read a book, take an afternoon snooze or get out and walk a little in a less
familiar neighborhood. Even if it’s raining “cats and dogs” as it has been
here in Norfolk VA., my British constitution almost gets a charge out of the
character building watery elements which certainly would never keep anyone homebound in the UK. After all, it’s good for the complexion and good contemplative scheming and the weighing of future plans and strategies.

I have been using these “found” quiet hours, among other things to map out a plan for the 2011 Summer Arts program that the ASQ will conduct for the California State University in Fresno next summer together with Andrew Speight and his quartet as well as with Joan-Enric Lluna, our beloved Spanish clarinetist.

So far the larger practical issues have taken precedence. Enrollment population targets and instrumental distribution as well as public performances, goals for repertoire and curriculum development. The next phase will contracting with faculty artists, organizing the optimal daily schedules coordinated with room and artist availability. It’s pretty daunting and requires a lot of micromanaging but I get a lot of help and guidance from the marvelous SA staffers who know all the ins and outs. It helps of course that we’ve done this before and that I can count on Zak, Paul and Fred to look over my shoulder and tell me how to do it better – it helps bring it all together reassuringly in the end although often down to the wire.

We’re already talking about raising scholarship funds for those needier
recruits we hope to attract. The weekend of March 19/20, 2011 is reserved
for a scholarship fundraising binge weekend in Fresno. There will be some
invitation only special premium events and some special media activities
planned for the weekend so, if you’re inclined to support the effort and
able to be around Fresno at that time, stay tuned for more details as we
home in on the details.


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