Brahms: The String Quintets and SextetsIn the upcoming August issue of Strings Magazine, critic Laurence Vittes comes away impressed with the new Brahms: The String Quintets & Sextets recording:

“Their two-CD set of the Quintets Op. 88 and 111, and Sextets Op. 18 and 36, with violist Toby Appel and cellist David Requiro, shows the Alexanders at the full breadth of their powers. Their moderate speeds proceed with a sense of rightness, and they lay on all Brahms’ color and emotion with a uniquely detailed, transparent warmth. Perhaps the quartet’s greatest success lies in their seemingly spontaneous, organic ability to unfold and maintain line and phrase across conventional pulse and bar sign marks.” —Laurence Vittes, Strings

Look for the full review in Strings Magazine soon, and visit for more information!


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