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  • Remembering Francis Kuttner

    Remembering Francis Kuttner

    We are profoundly saddened to share that violin maker Francis Kuttner, creator of the Ellen M. Egger quartet of instruments and a member of the ASQ family, passed away on June 3, 2023. As we struggle to wrap our heads around this abrupt parting, we are thinking of Francis’s wonderful and close family, as well as his many…

  • About The Ellen M. Egger Quartet Instruments

    About The Ellen M. Egger Quartet Instruments

    The idea of creating a quartet of stringed instruments, the Ellen M. Egger Quartet, was born from a conversation with Fritz Maytag and is a working memorial to Fritz’s sister Ellen Egger, one of four siblings and and an accomplished musician and teacher. The four instruments are loaned individually to promising students in far-flung places…

  • Francis Kuttner Guestblog: Egger on Bartok ala ASQ

    Listening to one’s instrument in a concert performance is a highlight for any maker. Getting to hear four of them in a rocking rendition of quartets 1,2 and 3 of Bela Bartok is even better. Last evening’s performance at the exquisite Engelmann Recital Hall had me reminiscing over the 25 years its been since I…

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