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  • Stream Gershwin’s “Lullaby for String Quartet” for a limited time!

    Stream the final track from Gershwin & Kern, Lullaby for String Quartet, by George Gershwin for a limited time via SoundCloud! Take a listen now to the full work before we take it down after the release date on the 14th! Gerswhin & Kern: Track 11 — Lullaby for String Quartet (Gershwin): The conclusion of…

  • Song-Pluggers of Gershwin and Kern

    We continue looking through the liner notes of the Gershwin & Kern recording as we approach it’s impending release — August 14th! Today, we share author Eric Bromberger’s notes on Gershwin and Kern as contemporaries: George Gershwin and Jerome Kern were contemporaries, and their careers ran along parallel paths. Both began their careers as “song-pluggers,”…

  • Stream “The Way You Look Tonight” from Gershwin and Kern!

    We’re just over a couple of weeks away from the Gershwin & Kern CD release, but in the meantime, you can get a sample of the album with this full streaming track: Track 6: “The Way You Look Tonight” by Jerome Kern Stream via SoundCloud

  • Gershwin & Kern Pre-Release Links

    We’re just over one month from the new Gershwin & Kern release, but you can pre-order today! Pre-Order Via: Amazon.com Allegro Classics  

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