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  • Alexander String Quartet Plays Six Famous Songs of Jerome Kern

    Purchase via: iTunes Amazon ArkivMusic Foghorn Classics Allegro Classical

  • Songs of Jerome Kern – Gershwin and Kern

    New Alexander String Quartet release Gershwin & Kern features six songs by Jerome Kern. Here are some brief notes on these well-known songs: The transcriptions of six Kern songs for string quartet heard on this disc were copyrighted in January 1942, nearly four years before Kern’s death, and the published score notes that these songs…

  • Stream Gershwin’s “Lullaby for String Quartet” for a limited time!

    Stream the final track from Gershwin & Kern, Lullaby for String Quartet, by George Gershwin for a limited time via SoundCloud! Take a listen now to the full work before we take it down after the release date on the 14th! Gerswhin & Kern: Track 11 — Lullaby for String Quartet (Gershwin): The conclusion of…

  • Song-Pluggers of Gershwin and Kern

    We continue looking through the liner notes of the Gershwin & Kern recording as we approach it’s impending release — August 14th! Today, we share author Eric Bromberger’s notes on Gershwin and Kern as contemporaries: George Gershwin and Jerome Kern were contemporaries, and their careers ran along parallel paths. Both began their careers as “song-pluggers,”…

  • Stream “The Way You Look Tonight” from Gershwin and Kern!

    We’re just over a couple of weeks away from the Gershwin & Kern CD release, but in the meantime, you can get a sample of the album with this full streaming track: Track 6: “The Way You Look Tonight” by Jerome Kern Stream via SoundCloud

  • How a recording featuring Gershwin started in Spain

    How does the idea for a recording of two great American composers get started in Spain? Well, take a look at an excerpt from the Gershwin & Kern Liner notes to find out: “The path to this disc of quintessentially American music was long and circuitous; it involves the contributions of many different people over…

  • Gershwin & Kern Pre-Release Links

    We’re just over one month from the new Gershwin & Kern release, but you can pre-order today! Pre-Order Via: Amazon.com Allegro Classics  

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