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  • Friends of Chamber Music — Stockton, CA

    This Sunday, September 21, 2014, the Alexander String Quartet joins the Friends of Chamber Music at the University of the Pacific for a concert of Mozart, Kodály, and Shostakovich! Sunday, September 21, 2014 2:30 PM Faye Spanos Concert Hall UOP Conservatory of Music Ticket Information Download the Program Notes!

  • Kodály String Quartet, No. 1 Graphical Score Video

    Stephen Malinowski of the Music Animation Machine, has a new “graphical score” video up featuring our recording of the third movement from the Kodály String Quartet, No. 1! Have a look (and listen) here: iTunes Allegro Classical Amazon  

  • The Arts Desk reviews Bartók and Kodály

    Graham Rickson of The Arts Desk has a generous new review of our Bartók & Kodály recording: “The Second Quartet’s pounding middle movement is fantastic here, and the quartet’s elusive close is nicely taught. You’ll rarely hear the compact, pungent Third Quartet dance as it does here, the last few minutes being thrilling without being…

  • Kodály String Quartet No. 1, Opus 2

    Zoltán Kodály composed his First String Quartet in 1909, when he was 27. Four years earlier, Kodály and Bartók had embarked on their first joint expedition to collect Hungarian folk songs, and now Kodály began to incorporate the melodies, rhythms, and shapes of that music into his own compositions. The First String Quartet — at…

  • Kodály, Bartók & Friends

    In 1909 four young Hungarian musicians — violinists Imre Waldbauer and János Temesváry, violist Antal Molnár, and cellist Jenö Kerpely — formed a string quartet dedicated to the cause of new music. At a time when musical life in Hungary was generally moribund, the Waldbauer- Kerpely Quartet gave the Hungarian premiere of Debussy’s String Quartet…

  • ASQ Plays Kodály this Sunday at SFMUSIC DAY!

    Come out to the San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music’s SFMUSIC DAY as the ASQ closes out Sunday’s first session with the Kodály Quartet No. 2, Op. 10 at Caroline H. Hume Concert Hall! About SFMUSIC DAY Enjoy live music in a setting full of energy and freedom, à la San Francisco. Explore Latin American…

  • Fanfare Reviews Bartók & Kodály

    Fanfare Magazine’s, Lynn René Bayley has a pre-release review for our Bartók & Kodály recording! “This fascinating set combines the string quartets of two then-young professors of music in Hungary, Béla Bartók and Zoltan Kodály. … “I felt that Alexander’s performance of the first quartet’s opening movement, though less leisurely in feeling, has a tensile…

  • Stream an excerpt from Kodály String Quartet No. 2, Op. 10

    Stream a new excerpt from our upcoming bartók & kodály release:

  • Stream the Kodály String Quartet No. 1, Op. 2 – III. Presto

    Stream a full track from our upcoming bartók & kodály release:

  • bartók & kodály CD artwork

    Last week, we revealed the cover and inlay artwork for the coming bartók & kodály recording, and today we reveal the actual CD artwork! Have a look:

  • Help Us Choose Our Next CD Cover!

    We’re getting closer to the release of our Bartok & Kodaly recording, and we’re having a hard time choosing between the wonderful “Contact 49, San Francisco” series by photographer Rory Earnshaw! Help us choose by “liking” or commenting on your favorite image in our new Facebook Photo Album!

  • ASQ Heads to New York

    ASQ Heads to New York for two concerts this week! Take a look below at the schedule, and let us know in the comments if we’ll see you there! Monday September 24, 2012 7:30 pm Crane School of Music  The State University of New York Snell Music Theater Potsdam, New York Tel: (315) 267-2443 Web: www.potsdam.edu/newsandevents/…

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