Robert A. Corrigan
Robert A. Corrigan
This evening, the Alexander String Quartet is pleased to be performing as a part of the San Francisco State University College of Liberal & Creative Arts Special Tribute celebrating the leadership and legacy of President Robert A. Corrigan.

ASQ will perform the following works on the concert:

ASQ joins Roger Woodward (piano), Shinji Eshima (bass), and the Holloway Ensemble to perform:

  • Bach: D minor concerto, BMW 1052

ASQ joins Andrew Speight (saxophone), Mark Davis (piano), Julian Borrego (bass0, Lillian Wu (percussion), Rob Mills (percussion), and the Holloway Ensemble to perform:

  • John Klenner: Just Friends
  • George Gershwin: Summertime
  • Neil Hefte: Repetition

This evening the College of Liberal & Creative Arts offers a program featuring faculty, guests and students performing their art and exhibiting their expressive and imaginative powers to honor President Robert A. Corrigan and his equally strong-willed, indefatigable soulmate Joyce Corrigan. Throughout his time at SF State, President Corrigan has consistently stressed the crucial role of the arts in education and of creativity more generally. I have heard him quip to the effect that even though we may not have a high-power athletic squad, we do boast a world-class team, which as befits our institutional values happens to be string quartet.

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