Bartok and Kodaly | Audiophile Audition Five Star Review — “ maybe the best ever of these important works”Audiophile Audition gives a rave Five-Star review of our Bartók & Kodály recording, leading with, “This is an essential recording, maybe the best ever of these important works.”

“If ever an album had ‘Grammy nominee’ written on its front cover, this is it. There have only been a handful of “complete” Bartok quartets recordings that one can call ‘legendary’ … but without doubt these new readings will ascend quickly to that exalted status. Astoundingly enough, I know of only one other recording of the two Kodaly quartets…and the inclusion of these two wonderful works more than doubles the value of this set.

“In this new recording the Alexander String Quartet, in residence since 1989 at the San Francisco State University, touches all the bases in an unqualified Grand Slam. With the precision of the old Juilliard recording, the unassailable projection and boldness of the Emerson, and the heartbreaking delicacy of the Takacs, they capture every memorable moment of these eight quartets with an authority and finesse virtually unmatched. And they do so in sound that is surely the best these quartets have ever gotten. …the radiant sonic beauty of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Belvedere, CA., are presented in a sound sketch of supreme warmth, clarity, and wide dynamic range. Absolutely essential for anyone remotely caring about this music.” —Steven Ritter, Audiophile Audition

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