Bartók & Kodály review in Positive Feedback OnlinePositive Feedback Online has released their “10th Annual Positive Feedback Writers’ Choice Awards” list for 2013. A list they dub “The Best of the Best!”; and our new Bartók & Kodály recording is one of three CDs selected!

“Quietly, deliberately, and without fanfare, the Alexander String Quartet has been moving through the major string quartet repertoire, leaving extraordinary statements as they go. I have written about their Beethoven and Shostakovich, developing increasing respect for both over time. The Alexanders bring (bring out?) new weight and power to bear on this major modernist music…They hear Bartók’s string quartets as modernist monuments and their interpretation aims to make that case. Which it surely does.” — Bob Neill, Positive Feedback Online

See the full PFO Writers’ Choice Awards list at

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