Gershwin & Kern Dedication to Freda Silberman on the occasion of her ninetieth Birthday!

From the Gershwin & Kern Liner Note Dedication:

All the Things You Are…

Preview of Kern & Gershwin album art

Given the intimate nature of the chamber music art form, it should be expected that it would engender, along with beautiful sounds, beautiful relationships. When the Alexander String Quartet met Aaron and Freda Silberman, shortly after its founding, there was no way to predict the ensuing thirty-year relationship which has brought beautiful music into the lives of thousands of people, especially young ones. Our relationship with the Silbermans continues to blur the lines between patronage and family.

For our part, there is no doubt that the support we have been given, directly and indirectly, has been instrumental (pun very much intended) to our existence. Even the strongest and most promising of saplings requires water and sunlight to thrive, and we have thrived thanks to this sustenance. Most importantly, the music continues — in concert hall, living room and classroom — where chills still travel the length of spines and neck-hairs stand on end.

Our gratitude and congratulations to Freda Silberman on the occasion of her ninetieth birthday.

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