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  • In Meinem Himmel in The Whole Note

    In Meinem Himmel in The Whole Note

    “…transcriber violinist Zakarias Grafilo, gave much thought and effort to preserve some of the aural colours and even the emotional innigkeit of the original… Idiomatic and virtuoso string playing and the singing is simply gorgeous. Young American mezzo Kindra Scharich has a beautiful voice, total emotional commitment and musical imagination that certainly makes worthwhile listening. Her…

  • San Francisco State University 2013 Commencement

  • Having some fun with Patagón

    Take a look at a green room pre-concert giggle as Zak refines his “over bowing” technique required by Cindy Cox’s new work Patagón. In Patagón, (written for our 30th Anniversary and premiered last April), which we perform for the Morrison Artists Series this Friday, Cindy Cox requires the instruments to produce sub-harmonics – an effect…

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